Keeping our dogs hydrated is a big priority at all times and traveling makes it even more so. Unfortunately, having water available for your dog when you are on the move can be a challenge. We aim to fix all that.

K9 Travel Dog Bowls

Secure, stylish, sophisticated and specially designed to make traveling easy. K9 Travel Dog Bowls add a new level of comfort and class to your canines travels.

  • No spill rim that keeps water in the bowl regardless of bumps or swerves
  • Durable (& easy to clean) stainless steel travel bowl
  • Unique off-center design to better accommodate your dog (and your vehicle)

Dog lovers everywhere agree that this travel bowl is long overdue. It’s perfect for long road-trips or just short rides through town. It’s stylish and made to last. And dogs just love having them. We’ve had great reviews so far and they keep coming. If dogs could type, I’m sure we would have even more.

K9 Travel Dog Bowls $19.99 each

Dimensions: 7″ high X 6.25″ wide – 16 oz capacity. Adjust quantity on checkout page. Shipping calculated at checkout.

Special Offer: Buy 2 for $29.99

Special Kennel Clip

Kennel Water Dish ClipNow you can easily transfer your K9 Travel Dog Bowl from your vehicles cupholder to your kennel with our simple adapter. Use it as a kennel water dish or kennel food bowl.

K9 Travel Kennel Adapter $4.99 each

Adjust quantity on checkout page. Shipping calculated at checkout.


Our no spill rim prevents messes. And our unique off-center design better accommodates your dog (& car or crate).


Easily transfer your dog travel bowl from your car's cupholder to your kennel /dog crate with our simple adapter. Perfect for flying.