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“My first impression of the K9 Travel Mug was a good one. It’s aesthetically pleasing, from its stainless steel finish to its size. I know though, that looks aren’t everything so I decided to put it through the ‘double Labrador test’.”…”The Labs and I would recommend this product to all travelling pooches and their people, even if you’re just going for a short ride. We give the K9 Travel Mug 4 paws out of 4!”
(Jen Leitch at LifeWithDogs.tv)

“We’ve spent a few weeks with our own sample, and I concur – this is a terrific invention. I had the same concerns about the lip of the mug, but in use it is a non-issue. This is simply a great product that works exactly as advertised.”…”If you see us out and about next summer, check our cup holders – this is one product that will get a lot of use from our pack.”
(LifeWithDogs.tv – Read the whole review.)

“K9 travel mugs, talk about silver spoons, these are fit for a queen… or a spokes dog of epic proportions and polka dot pink belly… or your dog…”… “cici ate out of hers this morning and gave it a furry four paws up”
(CeliaSue at Have Dog Blog Will Travel – Read the whole review.)


“Our family has 2 large dogs that we spend quite a lot of time road tripping with. The K9 mug is excellent in both function and design. It fits perfectly into our coffee mug holder, is lightweight yet extremely durable and holds a good amount of water and/or food. Our old plastic bowls for the dogs were always an awkward shape to pack and therefore ended up on the floor or in the trunk. Being able to keep the K9 mug up front in our coffee holder made it much easier to get water for my dogs on a regular basis during our travels, especially in the heat. This is super important with our one ‘old’ dog in particular who seems to needs water on a much more frequent basis now. We also found the mugs very easy to clean. A wonderful welcome addition to traveling with our dogs!”
(Julie-Anne – British Columbia)

“With the K9 Travel Mug I know I can drive to where I need to go, down un made roads knowing that my dog has water throughout the journey and when we get to the other side we will still have a dry car. It’s fantastic.”
(Andrea – Alberta, Canada)

“We love our K9 Travel Mug, it is light weight yet sturdy, we have bought other plastic ones which didnt last long at all. The specially designed lip keeps the water in and our puppy very happy.”
(Laura – Alberta, Canada)



Our no spill rim prevents messes. And our unique off-center design better accommodates your dog (& car or crate).



Easily transfer your dog travel bowl from your car's cupholder to your kennel /dog crate with our simple adapter. Perfect for flying.