How does the mug resist spills?

It comes equipped with a special rolled-in rim that stops water from sloshing over the sides of the mug. This lip removes the need for a lid.

Will the lip hurt my dogs nose or tongue?

No. We have never had a complaint about the lip causing pain or injury. Some of our recent Web Reviews make specific mention of this being a non-issue.

Is it good for dogs of any size?

Even in cases where your dogs nose is too big to get into the mug itself, the opening is designed to be large enough that they can access water easily (and, once again, the rim will help resist spills and slobber).

What are the dimensions of the K9 Travel Dog Bowls?

7 inches high X 6.25 inches wide

What is the Capacity?

16 oz

How is the product shipped?

At the moment, all shipping is done through regular mail with Canada Post.

What is your Return Policy?

Any customer wishing to return their purchase should contact us within 30 days in order to qualify.



Our no spill rim prevents messes. And our unique off-center design better accommodates your dog (& car or crate).



Easily transfer your dog travel bowl from your car's cupholder to your kennel /dog crate with our simple adapter. Perfect for flying.